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A welcome note
The intent of this place is to give Plazabum rejects another home. There are very few rules and we the management will add or subtract them as need be. Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated. Please submit a list of topics and we will try to accommodate your request. Guido Sarducci
Don't Taz me Bro
Don't touch my Junk Drawer
A bunch of bums clowning around.
We the People
A discussion of the US Constitution. Who wrote it? Why? It's meaning, and how it has changed over the last 200 years?
National Politics
Mostly uncontrolled discussion of how government works and should work.
Republican Candidates Nov 2012
Those Conservatives seeking the Republican nomination
In the News National and International
Discussion of national and International current events as reported in Main Stream media
Local politics
Discussion for those that are interested in Local politics
In the News Local (St Augustine)
Discussion of local current events
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