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Mac IX

"Events Platform" on bayfront

Mike and HCN have carried two stories about a surprise addition to our waterfront/bridge rebuilding in the form of an "events platform."

I personally think it is a pretty good idea, particularly if we got it free as part of the bridge redo.  

puc reducks

If possible, could you please post the links?

First article:


I thought all the money was gone. Not long ago there was an article about the cost of returning the lions to their places.
Mac IX

HBob, I pretty well agree on the money question.  Supposedly (and the article is working on this too (Mike)) this was covered in the project.

I do know (attention Mike) that Romanza was told, a year or so ago, that there would be a performance venue somewhere there on the bayfront.  It was never real clear. At one time R had the impression they were talking a temp stage that would be put in the street and block the south end of Menendez, then we were told that was wrong, and we sort of had the impression it would be in the area of the miniature golf course.  Now that you see where it is, it all make sense.

Have they come up with the money to move the lions?
puc reducks

Thank you, Bieramar.

I'm still not sure who owns the damn thing.
At first the city took the position that FDOT did it, until I found the old emails.  City applied to SJWMD for one of the permits, of course the city owns the riverbed its built on.  FDOT paid for it, though.  I don't think they got all the permits they were supposed to get and I am pretty sure they didn't have the proper public hearing before it was built.who's going to own it when somebody trips and falls?
puc reducks

Here's the answer to this burning question.  From Geo. Gardner's "St. Augustine Report," 2-15-2011:

Pavilion on the bay

  A pavilion over Matanzas bay is a bonus addition to the recent restoration of the Bridge of Lions.

  The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) followed original plans for the bridge, completed in 1927, including surrounding entry parks.

  An FDOT spokesperson says, "An events platform of similar design had existed prior to the widening of Avenida Menendez (though) instead of being located off the park, it was located halfway between the fort and the bridge."

  The pavilion joins a River House pavilion now under construction. That was urged by Council on Aging Director Cathy Brown, who noted the lack of pavilions to enjoy the river's beauty.

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