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"Red" George McGovern leaving Cuba without seeing

Associated Press
HAVANA -- Former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern was heading back to the United States on Monday without having seen Fidel Castro, whom he calls an old friend, for the first time in nearly 17 years.

The 88-year-old former senator from South Dakota said officials told him Castro, who temporarily stepped aside as president in 2006 and then resigned permanently in 2008, has been "extremely busy" with official matters and the presence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who left the island early Monday after several weeks recovering from cancer surgery.

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Since I hadn't heard anything more about "Red" George's little visit since the Record article I did a search. Very Happy
I was really hoping he would just stay down there!

Cuba legalizes sale, purchase of real estate

The Associated Press

HAVANA - Cuba announced Thursday it will allow real estate to be bought and sold for the first time since the early days of the revolution, the most important reform yet in a series of free-market changes under President Raul Castro.

The law, which takes effect Nov. 10, applies to citizens and permanent residents only, according to a red-letter headline on the front page of Thursday's Communist Party daily Granma.

The brief article said details of the new law would be published imminently in the government's Official Gazette. Authorities have said previously that sales will be subject to taxes and the rules will not allow anyone to accumulate great property holdings.

The change follows October's legalization of buying and selling cars, though with restrictions that still make it hard for ordinary Cubans to buy new vehicles.

Castro has also allowed citizens to go into business for themselves in a number of approved jobs - everything from party clowns to food vendors to accountants - and has pledged to streamline the state-dominated economy by eliminating half a million government workers.

Cuba's government employs over 80 percent of the workers in the island's command economy, paying wages of just $20 a month in return for free education and health care, and nearly free housing, transportation and basic foods.

Castro has said repeatedly that the system is not working since taking over from his brother Fidel in 2008, but he has vowed that Cuba will remain a Socialist state.

Cubans have long bemoaned the ban on property sales, which took effect in stages over the first years after Fidel Castro came to power in 1959. In an effort to fight absentee ownership by wealthy landlords, Fidel enacted a reform that gave title to whomever lived in a home. Most who left the island forfeited their properties to the state.

Since no property market was allowed, the rules have meant that for decades Cubans could only exchange property through complicated barter arrangements, or through even murkier black-market deals where thousands of dollars change hands under the table, with no legal recourse if transactions go bad.

Some Cubans enter into sham marriages to make deed transfers easier. Others make deals to move into homes ostensibly to care for an elderly person living there, only to inherit the property when the person dies.

The island's crumbling housing stock has meant that many are forced to live in overcrowded apartments with multiple generations crammed into a few rooms. Even divorce hasn't necessarily meant separation in Cuba, where estranged couples are often forced to live together for years while they work out alternative housing.

The new law will eliminate a state agency that regulated the exchange-by-barter of homes, meaning that from now on sales will only need the seal of a notary, according to Granma.

The government has also dropped hints in recent months about the new property law, saying it will allow family members to inherit homes even if they are not living in the property.

Cubans who can afford it will be allowed to own one home in the city and one in the countryside.
Copyright 2011 The Associated Press.
puc reducks

Hope I am not overstepping any boundaries, Guido, BUT:

This belongs in "In the New National and International."

Will you please stop junking up the junk drawer with yet more effing politics?

The problem is finding a thread where something fits due to the ban on starting new threads. When a new subject comes up and searching doesn't find a fit where are you supposed to put it?

tsiya wrote:
The problem is finding a thread where something fits due to the ban on starting new threads. When a new subject comes up and searching doesn't find a fit where are you supposed to put it?

there's no ban on new threads.
but we do try and keep things tidy around if you can fit it in to an existing thread please do so.
in other words, there's no point in starting a thread called "3rd accusation of sexual harassment plagues cain camp" when it will fit quite nicely in the herman cain thread.

i'll see if i can talk guido into pruning the title of this thread and changing it into an all encompassing george mcgovern thread....and maybe even move it to national politics.
but guido is usually hard to find when coebul goes to elk camp.

Why prune the title, it's accurate?
puc reducks

tsiya wrote:
The problem is finding a thread where something fits due to the ban on starting new threads. When a new subject comes up and searching doesn't find a fit where are you supposed to put it?

I see your point.  The junk drawer is kind of the "obvious" answer.

But I think this topic and some others in the Junk Drawer would be better served by putting them in a more appropriate overall subject--one that has more to do with the actual content.  Don't forget:  The subtitle of the Junk Drawer is "A bunch of bums clowning around," which means, to me, lighter stuff.

That's why I think "News Nat'l & Int'l" is a better choice.  Or, there is a George McGovern thread somewhere.  How about that?

As for a ban on starting new threads... I had no idea!  I am creating them willy-nilly, to provide some comic relief to all the serious posts here.  It's my belief that man and woman cannot by politics alone live.  I understand that this is basically a political forum.  But a ban on new threads?  Does Guido have my address???   Shocked  Cool  Shocked

Edited to correct subtitle.
puc reducks

Didn't see Tsiya's second nor Scrutney's reply when I wrote mine.

Elk camp?  My nephew came back from moose camp (Ontario) w/a 1,500-lber and a 700-lber.  His mother (my sis) is a vegan...  I think he's visiting and staying in the uninsulated camper in western CT.

tsiya wrote:
Why prune the title, it's accurate?

not to be politically correct, i assure you.

but to truly be an all encompassing george mcgovern thread...the cuba thing should be excised...keeping the red in the title, doesn't bother me at all. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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