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Bush and Crist administrations selling personal info

How can anyone condone the state selling personal information from Florida Drivers License applications to internet spammers?

And then after paying millions of taxpayers dollars to contingency lawyers after losing a class action suit, with Florida drivers getting a $1 dollar reduction in the Drivers License fee the next time its renewed, sell the new information all over again?

Who were the individuals who approved such sales?  Names should be taken and they should be fired from ever holding a public office ever again.
puc reducks

Hello, Gene,
Could you please post a link to the info?  I missed it...


Sorry, my oversight - I forget that everyone doesn't read the mullet wrapper every day anymore.

In today's paper;
puc reducks

Embarassed   I do read "that paper," but I didn't see this article!  

Many thanks!

Comments from locals follow the article.  I agree w/you, Gene, I want a list of everyone who signed off on that sale!!! Forum Index -> In the News Local (St Augustine)
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