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Celebrations of Florida/St. Augustine Spanish History

Although it seems that the St. Augustine preparations and planning are as divisive and political in regard to historical preservation and remembrances as they have always been (in my memory dating back to 1955) I'm still hoping that St. Augustine properly celebrates the discovery of Florida in 1513 and the founding of St. Augustine in 1565.

Here's a hopeful hint and source for establishing some interest, instead of, or in addition to, all the Jamestown WASP history which seems to fascinate some.

The first known European chronicles describing the lands and native peoples of what is now the United States were written in Spanish.

Spain's presence on the continent evolved over 309 years - from April 12, 1513, when Juan Ponce de León took possession of the Florida coast for the king of Spain, to 1822, when a newly independent Mexico lowered the Spanish flag in California.

The Threads of Memory: Spain and the United States examines Spanish heritage in North America, including Spain's role in America's quest for independence.

This outstanding exhibition provides an unprecedented opportunity to examine our common heritage, through a series of 138 documents, maps and portraits that normally reside in the vaults of the Archive of the Indies and have been exhibited only on rare occasion since their creation.

These extraordinary documents offer the perspective that only time can provide - their survival is a testament to Spain's pride and place in the formation of the United States.

More here:
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"HISTORY: If you can't sell it, what good is it?"

rather LIKE that one, Puc! *grinz*

Guess who's baaaaaaaaaack Smile
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Yee-hah, Babycakes!!!

So happy you are mending and healing!

You've been in my thoughts.

A relief to know what's what!


CBS Sunday Morning's closing "Moment of Nature" (the best 60 seconds on TV each week for decades) was of magnificent birds fluttering and nesting (I'm sure in the Alligator Farm rookery).

Introduced simply as "Our feathered friends in the nation's very first city, St. Augustine Florida."


Sunday Morning

That is the one show on TV I make it a point to watch.Class act. Even if the subject does not interest me, the way they present the information is interesting.Possibly best produced  news piece around.
I was surprised when they showed the bird segment from St.Augustine. Very pleasing.  Was wondering where the footage came from, had not thought of Alligator farm.

Re: Celebrations of Florida/St. Augustine Spanish History

bieramar wrote:
[On December 15th, 2010] Although it seems that the St. Augustine preparations and planning are as divisive and political in regard to historical preservation and remembrances as they have always been....

A prime and unfortunate example of "divisive and political":

And this, from another perspective:

puc reducks

Sad,, dreadfully sad.  But INEVITABLE.

I'm surprised this topic (the First America Foundation and the City) hasn't come up before now.

It's a major clusterf**k.  Gargantuan.  Mega-proportions.  The City now wishes to fix it?  Please, RUN THE CITY INSTEAD. JMO.

That's what happens when politicians wish to garner glory.

That's what happens when grandiose "concepts" are proferred and no one on the receiving end questions anything at all.

IMO, the FAF (and how is THAT for an incorrect name??!) was doomed before it was even incorporated:  It inherited 18 months of verbosity and little action (except speakers)... no vision, no plans, no [plug in noun here].

I've quoted him before and I will do so again:

"Just pick a Saturday in 2015 and buy a cake."
---City Commissioner Errol Jones, on celebrating the 450th

Former mayor quits writing newsletter - Gardner cites city's 'strictures'

Copyright 2011
September 14, 2011

Former St. Augustine Mayor George Gardner resigned this week from writing the city-funded The St. Augustine Report, an online weekly newsletter, because of "the strictures of (my) relationship" with the city.

"Those strictures include the directions the 450th commemoration planning has taken over the past four years and a breakdown in communication between the city and the people it serves," he said in his termination of contract letter dated Sept. 12.

The St. Augustine Report outlined upcoming City Commission issues and events with stories about the city's history.

He has 900 subscribers and was paid $15,500 per year, about the same he made as mayor.

Gardner's last editions under the city's umbrella will be issued Sept. 20, 23 and 27.

But, Gardner said, "I will continue The Report independently. I will retain the name and format which I developed before contracting with the city."

In City Manager John Regan's response letter to Gardner's termination letter, he said, "Your skills derived from your experience as an officeholder and a journalist have served you well with each issue of the Report."  But, he said, the city is essentially the publisher of the Report and owns the product.
"George would like to be completely independent and I completely respect that," Regan said. "the city will be "initiating a re-examination of all our public information products."

When the contract terminates, Gardner will have to turn over his list of Report subscribers.

Questions about the Report's future began weeks ago when city administrators suggested cutting Gardner's salary to save money, as 25 cents per subscriber was an unusually high cost for an electronic media publication.

Other city publications could include the same information that was found in the Report.

Last week, commissioners Nancy Sikes-Kline, Leanna Freeman and Bill Leary argued that they wished to see the St. Augustine Report continue.  "Lots of people like it," Sikes-Kline said.

Regan said money can be found to continue the Report without having to reopen the city budget.

Gardner, who takes great pleasure writing about history, said in his letter that his resignation was not offered "to create further divisiveness in the community, but to move toward a meaningful healing process."

I luvs me some Bob Fliegel!

Letter: Replica ships get more slack than replica buildings

May 3, 2012  

Copyright 2012 St. Augustine Record

Editor: I have long been baffled by the different attitudes accorded local historic buildings as against those toward historic replica ships that visit our harbor. Perhaps someone can set me straight on the reasons for this apparent inconsistency.

Preservationists are quick to deplore architectural copies as faux period pieces. Even the National Park Service stopped building replicas like the Fort Caroline National Memorial in Jacksonville.

Why is it then that the same preservationists don't also lament the attention given to replicas like HMS Bounty? Is is because what such "tall ships" lack in authenticity they offer in aesthetic appeal? Or is it strictly economic? Are they simply willing to soften their historic standards in exchange for the hope of a temporary blip in bed taxes?

As a retired Navy man, I do love the spectacle of tall ships of all sorts and thoroughly enjoyed gazing upon the nostalgic silhouette of HMS Bounty in Matanzas Bay. Still, I remain puzzled by the preservationists' willingness to cut these ships so much slack, allowances that they wouldn't dream of making for local buildings.

Perhaps the most persuasive explanation is that of not letting the perfect become the enemy of the good. Or, in this instance, since there are no ships of such actual vintage that are currently capable of making port calls, we may as well embrace the next best thing, the replica ship. This scenario differs from that ashore: Replica historic buildings stand near those of actual historic age and value, and, therefore, can more defensibly be criticized by purists. Yes, that must be it.
Internet source:

As the current vulgate jargon goes "I luvs me some Bob Fliegel!"

Many of the best discussions ever on TotT were begun or participated in by him.

Hmmmmmm, wonder if he knows about this bums' site? Forum Index -> In the News Local (St Augustine)
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