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COSA Commission Seat 1 - (incumbent Jones)

Roxanne Horvath, an architect, enters race for St. Augustine City Commission
By  PETER GUINTA   Copyright 2012 St. Augustine Record.
May 27, 2012

As president of her own architectural firm since 1991, Roxanne Horvath believes her professional work and experience has prepared her well for service as a St. Augustine city commissioner.

Horvath has announced her desire to become a candidate for City Commission Seat 1.

"Architects can see the big picture and understand visually the overall concept," she said. "Then they look closer at the details, such as schedules and budgets."

The race is getting crowded.

The incumbent, Commissioner Errol Jones has not yet announced whether he will run. People who know him said he will but also believe that Jones will wait until June 8, the last day to qualify, before he decides either way.

Also announced in the race are retired guidance counselor and former Planning and Zoning Board member Deltra Long and former County Commission Chairman Bruce Maguire, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and businessman.

Horvath's career began after she completed a master's degree in architecture at the University of Florida in 1978.

She then worked for several Boston firms until she returned to St. Augustine in 1989 to serve as the city's resident architect.

In 1991, she founded CRG Architects Planners Inc. and has since handled all phases of that business, she said.

During that time, and afterward, she's worked on many historic buildings in St. Augustine, such as City Hall, Flagler College, The Lyon Building, Ancient City Baptist Church and four historic houses.

"I have experience in getting state historic preservation grants for a number of my projects," she said.

She's also worked on commercial and other buildings, such as the St. Johns County Administration Building, Fire Station 12, the county Growth Management Center, Southeast Library and Administration Building, several county annexes and a number of waterfront homes.

Horvath is past president of the St. Augustine Planning & Zoning Board, past chair of the Historic Architectural Review Board, past chair of the Code Enforcement Board, past chair of the St. Augustine Entry Corridor Board and past board members of Betty Griffin House and St. Augustine Art Association.

The city's main issue at the moment is planning for the city's 450th anniversary celebration in 2015, she said.

"I understand that the city is working on various venues," she said. "But we need to make sure this all happens. Having the city at capacity is wonderful, but there is a great deal of logistics involved."

She's also concerned about the massive scale of new construction.

"People want larger houses, but smaller ones are more in keeping with the city's history," she said. "We have to be sensitive to (homeowners) but keep houses in the scale of the city."

Horvath recalls that the city in 1995 created a plan that envisioned what the city would become.

Now, she's interested in learning if that vision was fulfilled. Perhaps it could be tweaked to bring it up to date, she said.

"There are so many different, competing needs: Residents, businesses and tourists," she said. "We have to mesh those needs together because they are often in conflict. Architects problem-solve with creativity. They have the ability to visualize and communicate. I will be a thoughtful decision-maker."

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Reader Comments:
By 'lifeisgood'  05/27/12
Love that we are going to have some choices to make next election!

By 'Citygal'  05/27/12
You have got to be kidding.
You have got to be kidding. Roxanne Horvath will be another Earl Jones, just in it for herself.
Electing her would be like hiring the wolf to guard the hen house.
Have you seen the house she lives in?? Go to South Street, in Lincolnville, next to Maria Sanchez Lake. See the Big gray and white checkerboard house. Guess who lives in that house? The style and size have nothing to do with the City or the neighborhood. Roxanne Horvath & her husband built that Big house on land that was never suppose to be built on.They illeagly filled in the marsh area, and erected an 8 foot fence surronding their property. You can do this when you are sitting on the HARB & Zoining boards, and don't excuse yourself when voting for your own property changes. She says "People want larger houses, but smaller ones are more in keeping with the city's history." She said. "We have to be sensitive to (homeowners) but keep houses in the scale of the city." Ms. Horvath has shown herself for who she really is. Ms. Horvath doesn't care about the neighborhood or our City, and only cares about what is good for her and her husband. Don't be fooled. Don't vote for Roxanne Horvath..

By 'me'  05/27/12
Errol Jones - not an option.
Bruce McGuire - running to advance the Whetstone's interests. Not an option.
Roxann Horvath appears to have some conflicts - less of an option.
Deltra Long - I'm sure someone will come out with a reason to not select her.
So yes, it appears we have choices. The question is whether any of them are good choices.......

By 'lifeisgood'  05/27/12
Haven't done my homework yet.....was hoping better than what we have now.

By 'singingbird'  05/27/12
Horvath betrays what she stands for
Roxanne Horvath and her husband, Peter Rumple, while telling others what they can't build or cut down, bought a lot that was never meant for a house, destroyed neighbors' longtime views of the marsh with a house totally inappropriate for the Lincolnville neighborhood (against the neighbors protests), left building debris out for years, and violated several City AND Corps of Engineer Codes (note she brags about her service as head of Bd of Code Enforcement)..... all while sitting in judgement of what is appropriate for what others want to do with their property. what a hypocrite!
She would use her influence to award friends, as she did herself, all the privileges that she's denied others. Her own home, at the SE corner of South and Washington, is a visual testimony of her disregard for good taste and historic reverence. It's a slap in the face of all who respect the architecture of Lincolnville, and ruins the lovely view of the San Sebastian marsh that once belonged to everyone.
Need we have any more verification of her lack of qualifications?

By 'seminolesam'  05/27/12
choices are a good thing......
Ms. Long, an attorney, is a very capable, community minded person who has long roots in the community; her thoughtfulness would be an asset to the Board.
Ms. Horvath is not as self absorbed as the former two posters have stated; she, too, is a thoughtful business woman who can make a great contribution.
As for Mr. Maguire--it's hard to imagine that public service is his motive.
And I truly hope Mr. Jones decides to pass on this election cycle and focus on his personal issues.

By 'TheOldManandtheSea' 05/27/12
I'm sorry
however I did not think that anyone could be worse than Jones. Well you've found someone! Good Grief do yourself a favor before you think of posting in favor of this woman. Print this article out, then go to South st. and read the article while looking at the state of the art, modern day home built on the marsh. Better yet IN the marsh. I was wondering how in the heck she got away with that however with the info in this article it's all out there. I think she should be investigated not elected and has certainly bent the rules if not broken the law.

By 'EdSlavin'  05/27/12
Deltra Long will make us proud!
Reckon the other three candidates tilt toward tree-killing, history-destroying speculators?

By 'harvesteagle'  05/27/12
the blacks in Lincolnville will vote for him regardless of his ethics problems? why- because he's black and a Democrat. Also, his ego will tell him to run and spit in the face everyone...I hope I'm wrong, but I'm preparing for Jones to be re-elected..been through this "song and dance" before...

End Reader Comments

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