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Mac IX

English Reinactors

Ran into this downtown ceremony by accident yesterday and was very impressed.  Lots of care to see that things were done accurately (or at least it appeared accurate to me.  Damn well done, if it wasn't accurate.) Lots of attention to detail in the downtown ceremony.  Amazing variety of costume and people.  "Native Americans" in full war paint were particularly impressive and (again) based on what pictures etc I've seen, were very accurate.

Lots of people there to watch as well.

Thanks and congrats to all.

Attention to detail seems to epitomize those who recreate and act out history, with controlled OCD almost a necessary personality characteristic for the individuals.  
A group gathering is like a gathering of surfers - a subculture with their own jargon and specific interests, almost to the exclusion of the rest of their lives.

I applaud them all - a choice piece of living history.

Good to see you new nic - and I admire your sig. After I was alerted to this bumrejects site I fired off an e-mail to you but it bounced. I had neglected to update your e-mail addy in all my address files.  Sorry 'bout that, as we collectively have been trying to find the old gang.
puc reducks

Speaking of "old gang":  Anyone got a bead on Dunrobin?  She came, signed in, and left!   Crying or Very sad

'allo, 'allo Smile

Flu for 2 weeks, emergency replacement of pipes with 400 year old roots in front yard, etc. etc....   just now feeling non-feverish enough to poke about. Great to see everyone!

Dunrobin wrote:
I enjoy placing things in stranger's shopping carts.

So YOU'RE the one!

Hope you're healthy for the holidays.
puc reducks

Hey, Dun!  Ditto what Bieramar said about health & holidays!

Happy to see you here!  Very Happy

tanky tanky Smile   healthy enough ~ just have to stay away from doc's, they'll make you sick!

Bieramar~ you'd have to watch the puzzled faces as the people load up the conveyor belt at checkout to really appreciate my handiwork Smile it's priceless, you should give it a go!

i'm not sure how i missed your first couple of posts dunrobin.
welcome back...or welcome aboard.
what board are we on anyway?

i'm sooooo confused. Forum Index -> In the News Local (St Augustine)
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