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Flash mob overruns Northwest Jax Walmart

Flash mob overruns Northwest Jax Walmart
By Andrew Greenstein
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Flash mobs usually provide for some spontaneous light-hearted entertainment, but this was anything but.
A flash mob recently overran a Northwest Jacksonville Walmart, damaging merchandise, as well as the store's security system.
Police say over 300 people stormed the store.
Someone captured the riot on video and posted it to YouTube.
Police have not made any arrests yet.

A work of art?  A stroke of genius?  Just dumb luck?

Don't know but someone (or some someones) orchestrated this movement and managed to get 300 folks there to do their bidding.

How did they get there?  They walked up the street?  300 strong and no one noticed?

50 to 150 cars left some unknown rendevous point to emerge in the parking lot at the same time?

I'm sorry that the store was damaged and ripped off, but, it is amazing.

They came from a party that got out of hand. They use cellphones to organize, and it's not something new, the media have been ignoring it. Forum Index -> In the News Local (St Augustine)
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