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Four Twenty 4/20 4-20

Ya'll are invited to my place on the mountain today for the annual Four Twenty party.

You know, the yearly celebration and remembrance of ???????????????

Hmmmmmm, can't remember right now.

Anyway the Diamond Strike Anywhere Matches will be struck at 4:20 p.m.

it's funny...i never heard the "4:20" term until a couple of years ago.

in my younger years i was an active participant in the scrutney tradition of the saturday morning "wake and bake" commencing in 1972 on a hill in falls church virginia overlooking the former location of frank lloyd wright's pope-leahey house...(moved to woodlawn plantation in 1966)...

for two years, rain or shine, snow or no, my buddy ronnie and i made a weekly event of hanging out, smoking, joking, choking and discussing the week's events...girls, music, politics (mostly falls church you couldn't get away from it) and of course the noble weed itself.

word got around that there was always something going on at 'the hill' on saturday mornings and on several occasions we entertained quite a crowd.

i'm sure that the neighbors knew what we were doing but we didn't cause any trouble and they left us alone.

i went away to college in 74...i continued the saturday 10am tradition in my dorm room but it wasn't the same.

the hill was paved over when route 66 went through northern virginia in 78.

a couple of weeks ago, i called ronnie at 10 o'clock on a saturday morning and asked what he was doing 40 years ago....on saturday.

he remembered and i didn't have to prompt him. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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