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My daughter walked in a while ago, says "are you going to watch Gerry tomorrow". I said, "what is Gerry going to do"? Turns out  grandson Gerry's NG unit is marching in the parade. Hell, I'm glad someone told me before the parade starts! Very Happy !
Anyway, I reckon I'm coming to town tomorrow if I can find my shoes. Shocked

Great ... hopefully there'll be pics posted here ... looking forward to it.

I always enjoyed the Christmas Parade more than the Easter Parade - possibly because of the Trade Winds magnet which distracted me at Easter, plus I never got into the Spanish royalty, Menorcan indentured servants, and hats on horses thingees.

The kids and adults at Christmas seemed more enthusiastic, both the watchers and the participants - too bad they banned the swamp buggies dripping mud, right up there with Santa Claus in popularity.

I was Santa Claus on The Pagoda float in '73 or '74, tossing candy to the crowd.

tsiya: Pass on to your grandson my honor and respect - from a veteran of multiple wars in defense of our collective rights and freedoms.
puc reducks

Hope you found your shoes and took some pix!

Best to your grandson Gerry! Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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