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Icon Imus Celebrates 40 Years

Don Imus is completing 40 years as radio's first "schock jock" in Neeuwwyorkcity this morning.

He's on a rant right now with CNBC - another News Corp broadcaster - about ratings.

Some background about media morning battles:

By Chris Ariens on November 30, 2011

Don Imus's morning show has never been on more radio stations than it is today - more than 80.

But the cowboy boot-wearing jock is having a hard time finding his footing on TV. In the just finished November ratings period, "Imus in the Morning" was the least watched FBN program in A25-54 viewers, averaging 6,000 from 6-9am.

An improvement from the 5,000 who watched last month, but down -50% from the 12,000 average in Nov. 2010, when the mid-term elections were the big story.

By comparison, CNBC which is available in 40 million more homes, had more than 10x the A25-54 viewers with 70,000 watching "Squawk Box".

The gap narrows in total viewers as Imus drew 92,000 to CNBC's 175,000: and both shows grew their Total Viewer numbers year-over-year.

Since May, (5/5/11 - 11/25/11) when Connell McShane took over for Charles McCord, the show has seen an -18% drop in A25-54 viewers.

And despite crowing about an occasional win against "Squawk Box", Imus has not logged a win in the 6-9am block this year, in either Total Viewers or the [A25-40] demo....

Imus launched on FBN October 5, 2009 and with another year left on his deal, Fox Business may be looking for what's next. So might Imus. His deal with FBN comes to an end around the same time as The Wall Street Journal's partnership with CNBC expires.

Though both are owned by News Corp., an FBN-WSJ team-up is not a sure thing.

The TV version of "Imus in the Morning" aired on MSNBC from 1996-2007 and on RFD-TV from 2007-2009.

Cable news morning ratings (Nov. 2011),
Total Viewers and Viewers Ages 25-54

Fox & Friends FNC 1,106,000 343,000
Morning Joe MSNBC 437,000 153,000
Morning Express HLN 272,000 123,000
American Morning CNN 253,000 103,000
Squawk Box CNBC 175,000 70,000
Imus FBN 92,000 6,000
--- end Ariens' article ---

I've been an Imus listener and sometime watcher for all those 40 years. But I expect this is his last year irreverently shocking his listeners with his ridicule of the high and mighty (he is 71 years old).

As one of the 92,000 adults on average who watch Imus on TV (about 3%), I'm in a distinct minority, but I note that factoring in the number of homes with TVs receiving FBN and CNBC (lots more homes receive CNBC), a greater percentage of total potential adult viewers choose to watch Imus.

what the hell is fbn?

bier, i've been watching fox and friends in the morning, as i iron my shirt and the only thing it's got going for it is an "i hate obama" attitiude and gretchen carlson's legs.

i already hate obama, so i really don't need the pinheads at fox news spoon feeding me misinformation, before i've even had my coffee.

imus sounds like a winner.

although i'm sure his legs aren't as nice as gretchen's

i'll see if fbn is on my cable system.

I've got FBN  (Fox Business News) but it's hard to find when is nowhere near the other news channels.  So Scrut, you may need to look far beyond the clump of CNN, Fox and other news channels. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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