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JFK assassination - 47 years later

--- excerpt ---
The Pentagon and CIA plotted to kill JFK because they were upset that the military hawk had turned dove and wanted to end the Cold War, not win it.

Douglass concludes that JFK was shot not from the top of the Texas School Book Depository but from the front of the car.

He suggests Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to take the blame, that he didn't shoot Kennedy, and that he was gunned down before he could tell his tale.

And, he writes, Oswald's killer, Jack Ruby, was in on the plot and supplied JFK's unknown killer.

The antagonism toward, and downright hatred of, JFK within the military intelligence community was rampant in the months preceding the assassination, following the then-secret (to the public) arrangements and accommodations between Kennedy and Khruschev to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the dovish actions in not demanding the return of the U.S. defectors who had gone to the Soviet Union.

"Accidents" and assassinations were openly discussed - with and without the assistance of alcoholic beverages - much to the dismay of the few of us who looked aghast at such treasonous talk.  Of course the talkers considered JFK a traitor by then.


On another note I scanned Google News and the TSA/body scanning and Stock Market articles both number 5,000+ around the world, and both the Brad Childress and IOS-42 articles also number more than JFK assassination anniversary stories.

Then it dawned on me that 7 of 10 Americans weren't even born when he was killed, and today is just another historical date in a history book.

Story stirs JFK assassination debate

By Greg Kendall-Ball
Abilene Reporter-News

November 21, 2011

Wayne Dorothy was reading his Sunday Abilene Reporter-News when he almost fell out of his chair, he said.

On Page 8A, in black and white, was a photo of part of a letter Gene Boone wrote to Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker on Nov. 22, 1963.

Boone was a Dallas sheriff's deputy when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. On the day of the shooting, Boone discovered a rifle later linked to Lee Harvey Oswald on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. As part of his duties, Boone said, he was required to notify the sheriff of anything peculiar that occurred during his shift.

So he wrote his "Decker letter" saying he had been involved in the search of the building, and had found what "appeared to be a 7.65 Mauser with a telescope sight on the rifle."

That's what nearly unseated Dorothy.

"That was the first document I've ever seen - from someone who was there - that indicated the rifle they found was a Mauser, not a Mannicher-Carcano," Dorothy said.

The exact make and model of the rifle is one of the controversies that continue to swirl around Kennedy's assassination 48 years after the fact.

Dorothy, who is the director of bands at Hardin-Simmons University, said he became interested in the various theories surrounding Kennedy's death while teaching in Tennessee in 1984.

While the band director at Tullahoma High School, Dorothy said he attended a continuing education course about the assassination taught by the high school's head football coach.

"He had always enjoyed reading about the assassination, and ever since taking his course, I've been fascinated," Dorothy said.

For almost 30 years, Dorothy and his father, who also is an armchair assassination enthusiast, have amassed a large library of films, videos and books on the topic.

The more than 40 books Dorothy currently owns is just a tiny portion of the corpus of material that exists pertaining to just what happened in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963.

"There are theories out there that run the gamut from absolute crackpot to more sober ideas," Dorothy said. "You have some real nuts, and you have serious scientists weighing in on it."

"I mean, on the one hand you have some folks out there claiming that the Zapruder film shows the driver of Kennedy's limo turning around and shooting the president. That's absolute bunk," he said.

On the other, he said, is a book "Assassination Science," written by James H. Fetzer, a professor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. In that book, Fetzer uses expert testimony from a number of doctors and scientists to look at the facts of the assassination, Dorothy said.
Dorothy said he has his own questions about the case, but he doesn't think they will ever be fully resolved.

"There's enough variation in all the theories out there that I don't think we'll ever be able to prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt. Look, we have two different official government reports (the 1964 Warren Commission report and the 1979 House Select Committee on Assassinations report) that basically contradict each other," he said.

The Warren Commission ultimately decided that Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman, and that gunman was Lee Harvey Oswald.

The House Select Committee reported that it was likely Kennedy was killed as the result of a conspiracy

Boone, who initially found the rifle, said he doesn't put much stock in conspiracy theories. He said he believes the Warren Commission's finding that only one shooter was involved.

"But, because of the political climate at the time, if it ever came out that there was a conspiracy, I wouldn't be surprised," Boone said. "If there was a conspiracy, I'd say it involved getting Oswald into the right place at the right time."
Any possible conspiracy could only have involved a handful of people, Boone said, "otherwise, something would have come out already."

Dorothy said he doesn't believe Oswald was the lone assassin, and that he doubts whether he even fired a single round. The amount of metal recovered from bullet fragments raises doubts about the number of shots fired, he said. Discrepancies between official medical reports from Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and the official autopsy performed in Maryland several days later need to be explained, he said.

But as for the rifle, identified initially as a German Mauser then later as an Italian infantry rifle?

"Well, I was mistaken," Boone said. He said he used the term "Mauser" to describe the weapon - which he only saw from two to three feet away - as a bolt-action rifle, not the particular brand.
Dorothy, however, is skeptical.

"The very first information out of Dallas said the rifle was a Mauser. Then it all changed, and it was said to be a Mannlicher-Carcano. How did three police officers all misidentify it?" he said.
"You know, the more I read about the assassination, the more questions I tend to have," he said.
2011 Abilene Reporter-News. All rights reserved. This

i am inlined to agree with the warren commission in that i believe there was a lone gunman and his name was lee harvey oswald (and by the way, why are all assassins known by their full names?...tell someone you had dinner with lee oswald in 1963 and you'll raise no eybrows...tell someone that you supped with lee harvey oswald in 63 and a knock on the door is imminent.)

but i i'm not a conspiracy theorist, i have no tin foil on my hat rack and i am predisposed to believe that the government won't purposely lie to us...not out of any sense of duty, or that consent of the goverened shuck and jive but simply because it's too damned easy to get caught.

but...-scrut carefully dons his foil chapeau and cocks it at a jaunty angle-believing that lee oswald was the trigger man doesn't really get us any closer to the truth.

it doesn't take a genius to figure out that jack ruby administered a .38 caliber appendectomy to oswald for one shut him up.

i've heard all the theories(most of them anyway)...the cubans, the russians, the pentagon, the mafia...hell, a close friend of mine did his masters thesis on the assassination and proved conclusively (at least to his profs) that robert kennedy was the guy who hired the guy, who hired the guy, who shot his brother...after reading my friend's masterpiece, i commented; "tom this is good stuff."


"do you really believe this?"

"believe it? hell, i wrote it."

"that's not what i asked."

"not a word, scrut. not a word."

so we've got grassy knolls and single bullet theories and woody harrelson's father as the second gunman (no kidding) and the three tramps and the zapruder film and the pink dress theory and the onasis rationale (that kennedy wasn't killed but lived out the rest of his life in a vegetative state on the onasis yacht) and the postulate that oswald shrunk 3 inches during his russian defection.

but what we don't have is anything credible on which we can hang our collective hats (tin foil or otherwise).

and sum up:
i believe that oswald killed kennedy...and that he was hired to do it.
hired by whom?

beats the hell out of me.

I was alive, but very young when this occurred and to this day, I don't believe Oswald was the shooter and do believe that it was a conspiracy.  

I have watched and read a myriad of shows and articles on the subject and have come to the conclusion that we will every know what really happened.  The one that makes the most sense was a mob hit.  Joe Kennedy really angered the mob after JFK was elected.  There were too many promises made by Joe to the mob that were not kept.  Presumably they helped JFK get elected for certain favors, which were reneged on after the election and when Bobby became attorney general.  

But, again, just one theory among so many.   I must have watched the Zapruder film hundreds of times as analyzed by different conspiracy theorists and still don't see how Oswald shot JFK and the Governor with one bullet.  

Curiouser and curiouser.

I believe Oswald was involved!  But I believe other shooters were also involved.  The single bullet theory is a a fairy tail and a cover up by the Warren court.    

I shoot a fair amount.  I am pretty good up 200 yards fixed rest.   I question the ability of Oswald to shoot 3 rounds with in the time limit required.  Add to that the question about the single bullet theory, the grassy knoll and a few other tidbit of information and I believe there were more then one shooter.  That would mean there was a conspiracy. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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