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Is there a leather shop in town now? I have an antique camera case needing a new snap.

I guess this tells you how out of touch I am with downtown St. Augustine, I keep planning to come in and ride around on the mobility scooter but every time I start out the hordes of snowbirds overwhelm me! Shocked

There doesn't seem to be anything like the old days, just meandering around talking to friends, and crowds make me crazy! Very Happy

Only one listed in the yellow pages ... Spanish Dutch Convoy, 60 St George St ... 824-8053

Might try a shoe repair shop.
puc reducks

Dan Holiday first comes to mind, but I don't know that he is still in business on Aviles.  I think he retired, now that I think about it  

There is one shoe repair place in town that otter be able to sew a strap.  Suncoast Shoes & Repair,  1395-B,  US 1 South, 810-5577.

If that doesn't work, post and we'll put our two aged heads together and come up with something!  There might be a leather worker at the Colonial Spanish Quarter who will freelance.
Mac IX

The shoe guy in the KK plaza (across from Target more or less) has done everything I've ever asked including some work on Carol's purses and he isn't real expensive.  You do have to be patient however.

All it needs is a snap, it just rivets in place. I've got 2 old Minolta rangefinders, sooner or later I'm gonna have one camera working. These are a lot older than my Minolta XG-M, really fine old cameras but the shutter and aperture mechanism gets cranky.

The ironic thing is that they aren't worn out, they just die from sitting on a shelf.

If you ever stop using a camera sell it or give it to someone who will use it, don't let it sit. The lubricants gum up and fungus can start growing inside the lens. The fungus releases acid as a waste product, it will even etch the glass after a while. The fungus spores are always in the air, all it takes is a damp dark place for them to grow. The contacts corrode in digital cameras, our salt air is tough on them.

That's the end of today's trivia lecture, y'all can go play in the yard now! Very Happy Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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