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Mandated Internet Usage - Big Brother?

Come Monday, Florida jobless must file for unemployment online

Naples Daily News
July 31, 2011

Starting Monday, Floridians are required to file new claims and continued claims over the Internet.

The complete switch to Internet filings will save $4.7 million annually in administrative costs, according to the State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation.

These changes also require claimants to send updates on their employment searches via the Internet. For people who do not own a computer or are not familiar with using one, these new requirements might prove challenging.

In many cases, it will be up to librarians to pick up the slack....

Electronic filings or applications are nothing new for [Florida] libraries. People apply for food stamps, jobs and come in to watch their "red-light runner" ticket at the library....

People are allowed to use library computers with Internet for 30-minute increments....

The Agency for Workforce Innovation will maintain a hotline, (800) 204-2418, in order to answer filing question

I didn't vote yet because I'm conflicted!  I've helped people get benefits and I know the Social Workers with in the County do the same.

 There are various charities that help with the online applications such as WorkSource BUT they must get to their offices, be on time and many do not have transportation.

It's a tough call.  
puc reducks

bye, p.

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