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I promised myself I'd get around to sprucing up and organizing the gallery, finally got something done!
puc reducks


Have slowly worked my way through about a quarter of the galleries.  The "photo shop" is incredible--quite the collection, Bob!

Lingered at "Landscapes" (I'm viewing by title of gallery, not page number) and would be proud to have any of them hanging in my home--esp. fog and mist--and the horses!!!  All are crystalline and the composition = art.

Lovely and wonderful work!

Thanks, I haven't had to take up television yet, for me that will mean brain death. Very Happy  I knew shortly after I had to retire that Oprah and I couldn't handle each other on a full time basis, I had to find something to keep me moving, and women, horses and Ferraris require too much maintainence! (in that order, too)
puc reducks

You're welcome!

LOL at your Order of High Maintenance Things!

I hear you about Oprah...  Have watched many shows over the years, before she got unbearable. Now, with her OWN network on cable, it's "all Oprah, all day."  OMG.  Put my eyes out!  I read instead of TV, altho' I do have a couple of evening shows I won't miss.  (Law & Order:SVU, primary among them.)

So, you didn't start photography until you retired?  Pretty incredible results in such a short amount of time.  Not only the pix, but the camera collection.

I played with photography almost 60 years ago, even had a darkroom in the attic for a Scout project. That lasted until I spilled chemicals and messed up the hall ceiling. Shocked

I had a succession of 35mm point and shoots over the years but never had time or money to do more.

Just after I retired and got into computers I bought a little Kodak digital and sort of went bonkers when I discovered what it would do. At 3AM one night I saw a sale ad for a better camera at Walmart, called to see if it was in stock, told the lady to save it for me, and by 4AM I was at Walmart buying the camera.

One thing leads to another, LOL, onward and upward!
When I capture a bird or flower I go digging on the net, try to find the
Latin name, the works, so I end up absorbing all kinds of useless but cool trivia. Very Happy

It sure beats Hell out of TV! Very Happy
puc reducks

Hmmmm. I guess that destroying the house thing gets the parents upset.  (Remember the song "Fried Marbles"?  I attempted that one day after school, heated to blazing my mom's favorit Revere Ware copper-clad skillet and filled it with purees [clear, light-colored marbles], and "fried" until all were beautifully cracked.  Then I put the skillet on the Formica counter, which immediately blew up like a blister on a poorly shod hiker's heel. So I then put the skillet into the kitchen sink, turned on the water, and somehow the curtains above the sink caught fire. It was a MISTAKE. Jeez.  No senses of humor.  Incidentally, I put out that fire using the spray hose that was part of the faucet. Quick thinking, huh?  Razz )

I well remember35 mm SLRs. I could do all the things w/f stop and yada yada yada--and was pretty dang good (if I do say so) in the darkroom. But I couldn't (still can't) translate the image in my mind of what I'm photographing onto film (or digital camera). I just stink at that.  So, I gave it up.

YES!  Re research and scientific names: Isn't it terrific NOT to have to haul ass to the library every time you want to look up something??? Or have to buy bushels of books? (Nothing against books, BTW!)

Example:  I needed to find out whether cobras live in central Portugal (Tomar), having read some Brit ex-pats' descriptions of snakes found in  gardens in that area.

Finally found the Portugese term "cobra da (or "do," in some instances) ferruda" (or similar).  NOT a cobra at all, but a Colubrid aka Montpellier snake, named after a town in the south of France.

Don't think this kind of thing is "trivia."  It all leads to tangents, just following one's interests, satisfying one's curiosity--or better, interests--and that's never a waste.  Learning rules!!!  Very Happy

All the principles are the same. A DSLR adds white balance adjustment and you set "film speed" electronically but it works the same way.. With an SLR you have to change the film for the job at hand, a DSLR, in effect, has a range of films. White balance just gives the camera a reference point for colors, most have an auto function but setting manually is simple.
This old XG-M is still going strong after 29 years, digitals won't last that long. The lens on it had a fungus infection, that will etch the lens coatings and eventually the glass. I pulled it apart, cleaned it up and polished the lens surfaces, and it's clear and bright again. Believe it or not Colgate's toothpaste is a super lens polish, you just need to be careful not to remove all the lens coating. This lens is an early Rokkor MC about 40 years old, built like a brick you know what! Very Happy


I use to do 35mm but the cost of developing is prohibitive.  I have a Kodak 850 that we bought for the tax deduction and it performs better then my skill level.  I would love to learn more about the features.  

I have Photo Shop CS2 with all the trapping and am working on learning the program but self taught is a slow process.  

I still don't have the "eye" which it is obvious in my pictures.  You on the other hand missed your calling.

A P-850?  Had one but moved up to bigger and gave it to my grandson. He let it sit on a shelf too long and it died sitting there. It acted like all the electrical contacts were crudding up, maybe the fumes from well water out here in the swamp.
I use Photoshop 7, it is a long learning process, I'm still lurching around. Very Happy

I have more then 10 years experience with Jasc Paint shop Pro.  Started with v 4.2 in the 90s and stayed with it.  But a friend gave me a copy of CS2 and I am committed to learning it.  But the 2 are words apart.  

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