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Photographing a Color Run Will Destroy Your Camera GearĖDonít Do It

Roger Cicala

If there hasnít been a Color Run 5k or 10k race near you, there probably will be soon. And with all that color, you certainly want to take some pictures, right? Not with your camera you donít.

Iím never one to worry much about lens dust, but the color bombs they throw out at Color Runs are different. In the last month my lens rental business has had over 20 lenses and several cameras nearly ruined by these things. For what itís worth, all of the renters tell us they really werenít near any of the major Ďcolor bombs.í


I slipped this in because it's scary enough to merit comment. Most camera gear is reasonably dust tight but only the top end stuff is anywhere near dust proof, and this is top end gear getting wasted.
This stuff will totally waste your point and shoot. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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