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skookum's words of wisdom.

i was looking at the old free speech board...(yes it still exists but the entity known as plazabum has it locked so you can't post new comments)...and i ran across this:

skookum wrote:
Okay, First rule of staging a Mass Protest.

Wait until the weather is nice. Late May early June in DC is nice for a Civilized Protest March.

July August September for real Riots in the heat and humidity of summer in DC. Makes the summer weather here seem like Spring Breezes. Great for days of rage. Everyone is in a bad mood.

The rest of the time it is wet and miserable and no one wants to come out and play.

God you newbie Anti-War Protesters have got a lot to learn.

Yup, Marcus wasn't known for his patience - or suffering fools.

Through the years I would preach the Buddhist "Middle Way" to him when his frustration exploded into confrontative and sarcastic comments, and downright demeaning insults.  He'd have none of it (my preaching).

We'd sit out back watching the clouds over the Sandia mountains, smoking homegrown - he alternating with Marlboro Reds - sharing our frustrations, and our different approaches to changing the evils we saw in the world.  

What I've privately addressed to some bums, I'll publicly post now.  Unless you've had immediate experience with PTSD and/or those suffering with it you don't have a clue what it takes - if possible at all - to move and act in simple ways.  

Marcus and I were going out to dinner night on the West Mesa near Albuquerque and he was out of cigs and asked me to stop so he could buy a pack.  Without thinking (as I knew better) I pulled up in front of a medium-sized grocery store and said "I'll just stay here (red-curbed fire lane) - they've got cigarettes at the checkout counters."  He hesitated (and I still didn't click) then exited.  After way too long he returned, with sweat dripping off his face and shaking, and I finally got it.  
One of the most difficult things for a severe PTSD sufferer to do is to enter an unknown enclosed place! Which is why so many, sans regular treatment and counseling, are homeless and live in the woods, and turn to drugs/alcohol.  I should have parked and accompanied him (let's face it I was stoned immaculate), as it was a familar store for me.

The syndrome's effects also translate into communication skills (or lack thereof) - ideas, thoughts and words are dammed up, while resentment and frustration grow as others communicate; then burst out in antagonistic floods.  We've all experienced being targets of such bursts from friends and strangers alike - in real life and on electronic forums - and understanding the dynamics doesn't mean we should accept or excuse them.  

Marcus was no dummy, and when his actions and words got him in trouble he survived - actually much longer than many of his peers who took the easy way out years ago.  And he was wise beyond his years each decade along his way.

bieramar wrote:
Yup, Marcus wasn't known for his patience - or suffering fools.
Being at times "King of the fools" it was at time hard to accept his not suffering fools.....  

I have no intentions of speaking ill of those that have passed.    He had is good point and bad.  Don't we all?

Mr B ... that was a good surface profile of Marcus and a good description of the PTSD he suffered with.  Thanx for posting it.

Thanx Coebul ... I know Marcus was "out there" in some of his posts, many of which I couldn't support or defend, but, he did speak his mind, as they say.

He told me that during our times at the gun range and while having lunch at the VFW, he felt very comfortable while there, among his own ... but, he still wouldn't sit with his back to the door.

PTSD is a tuff disease.  As I posted in another thread, I'm friends with an Iranian born US citizen who is now on total disability, due in part to PTSD, from the VA for his actions in Iraq.

He was recently selected by the National VFW Office to speak at various gatherings around the Country on the subject of PTSD.  A good thing.  He lives it everyday.  What is it they say ... he knows of what he speaks.


Not sure what to say, but I have missed you guys.


Re: Hi

jasmine wrote:
Not sure what to say, but I have missed you guys.

Welcome back into the fold.  You have been missed.  Tell your friends.

Re: Hi

jasmine wrote:
Not sure what to say, but I have missed you guys.


holy crap!
welcome back.
or welcome.
or something.
puc reducks

If you are who I think you are:  How are your doggies???

Happy you are here!

I Still miss Skook, but I'm grateful he's no longer in worldly pain. He was a great friend.  RIP Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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