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On Friday I teamed up with 2 best friends from high school and we took off for Titusville. By the time we arrived it was 5 AM and the place was mobbed. We were on a bridge over Indian River several hours before launch and people just kept coming.
The haze was so thick it was like smoke and the clouds were really low. It wasn't a good day for photography, but I prevailed! Very Happy


Good job; thanks.

Great shot

Several years ago I was allowed on the base to witness a launch. They told us we were the closest civilians  are allowed, near the Vehicle Assembly Building.
My wife was the Warden at the Brevard State Prison in Cocoa [ which the State closed last week ], and was given VIP tickets from NASA , as  all the head law enforcement personel in the county were.
They had a bus pick us up in Cocoa Beach, take us to the viewing area complete with seating, then took us back to our cars. We did not have to endure the traffic.
The launch was at dusk, and was a grand spectacle to witness. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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