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Thomas Coghill and Conch House Fiasco

I know Slavin is a convicted felon in another state, but what has been done about Tom Coghill, who was also convicted of a fraud in another State, and was the primary player in the Conch House fisaco.

Coghill is currently incarcerated in Coleman, Florida in the Federal Correctional Complex - in "FCI-Coleman Low" with the "low" indicating the low security section of the complex.  What is often referred to as a "white-collar prison" or a  "country-club prison." See:

You state you "know" that "Slavin is a convicted felon."  

I'm aware of his Tennessee Law License being suspended a/k/a "disbarred" but that is a long way from being a convicted felon.

Of what felony are you stating he's been convicted?

PS: There are a number of convicted felons (and persons convicted of lesser crimes) in business and appointed influential positions in St. Augustine.  

They've done their time and paid their fines - some have had their rights restored, some haven't - and the beauty of our nation is that one can become a full-fledged member of society after the due process of the law is completed. Forum Index -> In the News Local (St Augustine)
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