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We’ve Purchased Weapons From The “U.S. Government Itself”

Captured Zeta Leader: We’ve Purchased Weapons From The “U.S. Government Itself”

This article was released by Deadline Live on July 6th.

Last Sunday, one of the original seven members of Los Zetas, Jesús Enrique Rejón Aguilar, aka El Mamito, was captured in Mexico. Rejón Aguilar was also known as Zeta 7.

He helped the then Gulf Drug Cartel leader Osiel Cardenas recruit the original Mexican special forces soldiers trained at Fort Benning, Georgia to become the most dangerous criminal organization in Mexico.

In an edited interview with Mexican Federal Police (in Spanish and now posted at YouTube), Rejón Aguilar reveals some interesting information about the origins of Los Zetas, where they get their weapons, and where they buy their drug shipments.

Rejón Aguilar probably knows he’s going to be murdered in prison, so he appears to be speaking the truth, perhaps in order to reach a deal with Mexican authorities so they can provide him witness protection.

Los Zetas are the biggest obstacle for the Mexican narco-state. They are their biggest and most dangerous competitors. In the interview Rejón Aguilar reveals that Los Zetas do not trust the Colombians, so they purchase the drug shipments (mostly cocaine) from the Guatemalans.

They know the Colombians are infiltrated by CIA and DEA, so they wait to buy the cocaine using the Guatemalans as decoys to avoid being traced.

Another interesting revelation made by Rejón Aguilar is that Los Zetas have operatives in the U.S. who have purchased (at least in the past) firearms and other weapons from different suppliers including from the ‘U.S. Government itself.’

Last March, the Mexican military raided a Zeta camp at Falcon Lake, where they seized several anti-aircraft shoulder missiles and other weapons.

And then Obama blames it all on the 2nd amendment!

tsiya wrote:
And then Obama blames it all on the 2nd amendment!



The Los Zetas terrorist gang?

The U.S. Army Ft. Benning school which has been training terrorists for South and Central American dictators for decades?

The U.S. Dept. of Defense which has provided U.S. taxpayers' dollars to those countries to purchase arms from U.S. manufacturers for decades?

The U.S. federal governments programs during every administrations since Truman's to provide weapons (paid for by U.S. taxpayers) to those nations, regardless of how many of their own citizens they murdered and tortured?

What's "it?"

Oh yeah, and a cite or link to when Obama blamed "it" would be nice also.

The liberals have been using "American guns cause mayhem in Mexico" as an excuse to demand more restrictions on 2nd amendment rights while supplying the guns. If there is no crisis they will create one to order. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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