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What Liberals Really Think about the Tea Party


My browser doesn't support videos, but I'm chuckling at the titles. I like the analysis of hits by regions, states, districts etc.

You need to get a girlfriend on the side who has a computer! Very Happy
I realize you worry about your reputation as an iconoclast but that web TV rig is taking matters to an extreme! Shocked

I consider the inability to watch videos online a +, not a -!

Same reason I don't watch TV news or opinion shows - no time to critically think about content - too easy to be emotionally suckered in.

PS: Neither my girlfriend (I think you knew her dad, Cutter, and her mom Edna) nor I have a computer OR a cellphone OR refrigerated air conditioning in our homes.

Y'all got indoor plumbing out there or are you still traipsing out to a two holer? Very Happy
I've got a little window AC, my oxygen concentrator generates a lot of waste heat, enough to heat my room when it's freezing outside. Overheating makes it harder for me to breathe, so I end up heating one side of the room and cooling the other. Very Happy  I don't use the concentrator 24/7 but if it's warm weather the AC is vital.
I pay 30 bucks every 60 days for 300 minutes on my NET 10 Phone. Right now I've got 1000 minutes stored up, when grandson Gerry is around I let him use the phone or I would have more minutes banked away. He will finish basic training towards the end of this month and my minutes will shrink.  Very Happy  I only got the phone because the kids worried about me chasing around in the bushes looking for birds. Hell, they probably won't find me before the buzzards do anyway but it makes them happy. Shocked
A computer is neccessary for my photography, that's why I got one in the first place, I've just added other uses. Forum Index -> Don't touch my Junk Drawer
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