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WTH has happened to the City!

I think they've lost the plot completely over Pat Croce and his fortification of Pirate culture via snake oil salesmanship. FYI, the Colonial Quarter is failing so miserably(john Regan quoted Croce as "losing 50k-100k each MONTH!), it has finally came to the attention of UF that Croce was NOT adhering to contract guidelines.

In case some of you haven't visited the former Taberna del Gallo lately... it's pretty much a sports bar now. No period garb, football games on the TV, waitresses wear shorts and tshirts, food is served on plastic, and on the weekends they fly a Gator Flag out front on St George Street How historically quaint.   *thud*


escudo wrote:
Will be back tomorrow to further explore.

and i'm laying in a fresh store of popcorn.
oh what the hell...screw popcorn...queuing up "dope smoking morons" on the turntable (by the replacements) and buying a bottle of cheap cabernet.

this ought to be good.

Escudo ~ right on so many points!  Although, I'm not even sure he 'knows' bars/pubs. In Key West, any idiot serving alcohol is gonna make something. Here, not so much. (at least yet). I wish there would be an investigation between Croce, Boles, and St Claire ~ there is an awful lot of talk around about the real relationship of those 3.

Meanwhile, Croce gets a pass on flying Pirate flags (initially he was cited) but then turned in some kind of wikipedia-like paper 'research' identifying the Jolly Roger as a 'historical' flag. Sheesh, soz a swastika! I inquired about the whole flag thing down at P&Z ~ was told that Arbizzani even petitioned to fly a confederate flag,. which was denied but only because he was going to use the non-accepted 'version' of the flag, instead of the historically accurate one. No expert in Confederate flags here, but gotta wonder where is this all leading? Many pirate flags flying around town now, even saw a PBR flag at one pub, Gator flag at another, all in 'the quarter' area.

THEN we have Boles and St Clair pushing for the VIC to add the 'trio' of Castillo/Govt House/Colonial 1/4 to hawk tickets (the last time the City tried to circumvent tourist business at the VIC, it was far more covert and anti-any other business in town, they even lost employees over the hush hush directive)... yet totally denied the same access to businesses who've been around ALOT longer with far more  skin invested in this City. SCAM!  The City needs to get OUT of the business of promoting certain businesses and leave that to the Chamber... and then leave the tourism 'development' to the TDC! If Croce and UF wants to bundle their tickets.. do it on their own dime and locations, like everyone else has to.

Sheesh...thats it for now, but I got issues. Lots of 'em. NOT happy with City Hall. I'm thinking I'm either going to change it, or get the hell out.

Just saw THIS on St Augustine FB page -

"St. Augustine, Florida
Pirate Gathering Friday – Sunday at Francis Field & Colonial Quarter. Three days of pirate fun and history in the nation’s oldest city! Enjoy historic exhibits, living history demonstrations, a privateer parade and pirate battles. Admission to Francis Field is “A-Buck-an-ear”"

So there you have it... all the promises and assurances that the Quarter would NOT go 'Pirate' (I think it MAY have even been in writing, but I could be wrong) were ALL BS!  Welcome to Croceville, formerly known as the Spanish Colonial Quarter, where polyester prevails, and the authenticity of history is bastardised.

There should at least be the offer of a shuttle from the VIC.. a short yellow shuttle special bus.

btw, there is NO living history at the 1/4.


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