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St. Johns County Comm. Dist. 5 - 2012

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Joined: 19 Nov 2010
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:52 pm    Post subject: St. Johns County Comm. Dist. 5 - 2012  Reply with quote

Randy Brunson has declared as a No Party Affiliation (NPA) candidate for the District 5 St. Johns County Commission seat.

Randy is a former Airport Authority Commissioner; and an previously unsuccessful candidate for County Commissioner running as a Republican. He's a friend, and an outstanding patriot and socially responsible citizen - and has my support in this year's campaign.

There are currently also 3 Republican candidates for the District 5 seat; the incumbent Ken Bryan, and challengers Rachael L. Bennett and Alan Kelso.

So here comes another of my rants about the stupidity of the 2-Party "de facto" and "de jure" control of the nominating and electing processes in Florida!  

Under Florida law years ago, only registered Republicans in District 5 would have been able to vote for either Bennett, Bryan or Kelso in the Primary Election - all other registered voters would have been disenfranchised.  Then in the General Election the GOP Primary winner would have faced off against Brunson, and all the registered voters in District 5 would finally be able to vote - but with their choices limited to the two candidates.

The inequity of disenfranchising a substantial percentage of the electorate - simply because they wouldn't kowtow to "movers and shakers" who held different political philosophies - was finally recognized, and the Florida laws were changed.

Under current Florida law, IF only the 3 GOP candidates would have been on the ballot in the Primary (that is if Brunson had not declared as an NPA candidate), then ALL registered voters, regardless of Party or NPA registration, living anywhere in the County (all 5 Districts) could have voted in the Republican Primary.  

Even though many Democrats and 3rd-Party members and the non-affiliated wouldn't realize they could vote in the Republican primary (or chose not to for other reasons) they could have, and thus the entire electorate could have chosen whom they wanted to represent them - a true democratically elected republican county government (as the Founders envisioned for the federal government when writing the Constitution).  

BUT, now that Brunson will appear on the ballot in November, the process reverts to the disenfranchisement of all but registered GOP voters. A minority can remove the choice from the majority!

Only GOP voters across the county can now vote for Bryan, Bennett or Kelso; and the person with the most votes will face Brunson in November - when all registered voters in the county will vote, but having had two of their potential choices already removed from their options.

An OPEN election like in other jurisdictions would have all four candidates on the ballot in November - no need for the expense and waste of time of the disenfranchising Primary - with the person getting the most votes being elected.
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Joined: 19 Nov 2010
Posts: 4441
Location: Taylor Ranch, NM

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The candidate of greed, Rachael L. Bennett, and her builder buddies bought her Primary win. Now ALL the electorate has the opportunity to vote.

Comments from St. Augustine Record readers at http://staugustine.com/news/local-news/2012-09-22-1

1. Follow the Money
Hutson and his friends think they can buy the seat. Over 85% of her money comes from Hutson and associates. Bennett is also listed on the current Hutson Website as:

"Rachael Bennett, who began her career with The Hutson Companies as a Land Planner over a year ago, was recently promoted to Vice President of Land Development. As such, Rachael will be responsible for the coordination of the land development and entitlement process for the company's many projects in northeast Florida. She brings tremendous acumen in the development industry to The Hutson Companies."

Yes, there are screen shots. It seems as if she has not been forthcoming with the public. She said in a forum she only worked for one Hutson Company that had no "entitlements" in St. Johns County, then two days after the Primary she shows up representing Hutson and Silverleaf, at a Water Management District Meeting with County officials. for the record, Silverleaf is a 7,500 acre development in the central county that has thousand of entitled lots for development.

She is not what she portrays herself to be.
In the latest reports for Citizens for a Better St. Johns County, $7,500.00 comes from LND which is controlled by Hutson family members and surprise, Priscilla Bennett (Florida campaign finance law prohibits coordination between a committee and a candidate).

This is so flagrant as to be beyond the pale of arrogance. Reject the cynical attempt by a few privileged people to purchase the St. Johns County Commission. ~ pat210

2. pat210 GOOD CATCH

Shall we file a complaint? I would sign one and politico could represent us. Wait, let us rethink that last part. Seriously, how do we file a complaint? ~ Moontan

3. this is why campaign reform must be our primary objective!!!

a real estate development corporation & its associated conspirators,, is attempting to buy a permanant yes vote on our county commission !!! it was bad enough when commissioners simply took a payoff to vote yes on something... not the special interests,, are trying to steal the voice of the people,, concerning what happens in our county !!! Hutson corporation,, should fold up its tent and continue to destroy duval county,,, not st. john's !!! Randy Brunson will have our votes come november !!! is she kidding ,,,, she is still a consultant to Hutson corp ???? most politicians have to put their associations either behind them ,, or in a blind trust !!! this schemer,,, has the audacity to state she is still associated with her husband & hers company(hutson corporation) !!! but i suppose after watching the Mutt's commercials till i'm sick,, audacity comes in many flavors & sizes !!! RANDY BRUNSON FOR COMMISSIONER /// REMEMBER VOTE EARLY & OFTEN !!! ~ yathink

4. Bennett is poison to this county

"That industry was not specified but that almost assuredly means the one giving the majority of Bennett's contributions: construction, development, real estate, consultants, planners, architects, commercial development and land investment."

What Bennett needs is to be sent packing. I would vote for a snake oil salesman before I'd vote for her. This is EXACTLY what we don't need. Temporary construction jobs building more crap we don't want or need followed by permanent landscaping jobs, which will overjoy the illegal alien population. Habla usted espanol? ~ mach12e

5. Sniff sniff,

There's nothing worse then the smell of a greedy republican. Actually there is one thing, a greedy republican and her greedy supporters. Send this land maggot packing in Nov. ~ Scud

6. Stevenson, Bennett, and Stern
The three stooges of development.

~ mach12e

7. Terrible candidate

If we elect her, they'll be building on every patch of land in St. Johns County. Traffic, uncontrolled growth, all supported by the County Commission. More schools, more infrastructure, more roads, more pollution, more of everything we love.

I hope the voters see through this fraud. She's a straw, a front for the real estate developers. Watch her turn SJC into South Florida and won't that be fun.
It's easy to prevent, though- don't vote for her...and tell a friend not to vote for her.
Sincerely, Raymond ~ Raymond Newdell



9. No thanks to massive new developments

I am a republican and a responsible builder, but I am first a life-long citizen of SJC. I believe in moderate and well-planned growth. With every new home built, the citizens of SJC lose another piece of their quality of life and more restrictions on their freedom. Therefore, I won't be voting for Bennett. ~ Native Boy

      --- end St. Augustine Record ---  

"All the Way With Randy" - a truly responsible builder with morals, ethics and a conscientious commitment for ALL citizens and residents, and not beholden to the privileged few who bask in their self-ordained "entitlements." ~ Chuck Huber/bieramar

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